Contact Information

Aguilar Shop
219 South Santa Rita
Aguilar, CO 81020
Phone: 719-941-4137

Branson Shop
301 Branson Street
Branson, CO 81027
Phone: 719-946-5521

Hoehne Shop
44680 County Road 38
Hoehne, CO 81046
Phone: 719-846-4610

Kim Shop
250 Hwy 160
Kim, CO 81049
Phone: 719-643-5244

Segundo Shop
10450 Hwy 12
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: 719-846-4842

Trinidad Shop
2000 N. Linden Ave.
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: 719-846-2931

About Us


The Accounting and Finance office is responsible for providing accurate, timely and useful  financial information and services to the elected officials and management of Las Animas County, as well as the public, in order to ensure responsible and efficient delivery of county government services to the citizens.  The office follows directives set forth by the Board of County Commissioners, the Local Government Budget Law of Colorado, Government Accounting Standards Board, and other mandates as necessary.

Responsibilities and Services:

  • Preparing and implementing the county’s annual budget
  • Providing regular financial reports to various county departments and elected officials 
  • Processing payment to all vendors doing business with the county in a timely manner
  • Maintaining the general ledger and all financial records
  • Providing accurate financial data to external auditors
  • Analyzing all revenues and expenditures to detect any areas of concern
  • Determining appropriate county mill levy in order to be in compliance with TaBOR and other laws
  • Collecting all mill levies from taxing entities throughout the county for certification